I am offering you guys free feedback and advice on any audio projects you have. I have been running GroundBIRD for a number of years now, but previous to this I ran a large licensing company and a great house label. So you can trust my ears for both technical and creative advice.

I will give advice and feedback on any project you want to send my way, be it a track you have on the go, a uni project, foley recordings, dialogue/ADR stuff you are working on or even if you want advice on how to get started in the industry. I have experience in all fields.

So far this has been a fantastically well received service. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of people after a fresh ear and a critique of their audio projects.

Just send links to you project to and I can guarantee you a reply.

Why am I doing this? Well I like helping, I only achieved my current success by getting a helping hand in my early career. I understand this industry is very hard to progress in. So… pass it on I say.

If you haven’t already seen it I have written a number of articles on getting started in the audio industry. They can be found HERE

Check out my creative careers podcast on YouTube HERE

Watch my music production and licensing workshops on Twitch HERE